LASA2019 Annual Congress Broadcast Worldwide with Sonic Pixel Media

The Latin American Studies Association (LASA) is the largest professional association in the world for those focused on Latin American studies. Each year, LASA hosts an annual congress where many of its over 13,000 members gather for expert discussions on Latin America and the Caribbean. This year’s congress took place in Boston at the Marriott Copley Place and Sheraton Hotels, two venues we work in often as a Boston-based video production company.

We worked with LASA to live stream eleven different events over the course of four days, ranging from an awards ceremony to a panel discussion about the freedom of the press. Each presentation was recorded using two Sony FS7 cameras. One camera captured a wide shot of the stage while the other framed close-ups. We also took a direct feed of the slideshow presentations that were displayed on the in-room projection screen.

The camera and slideshow feeds were sent to our production table at the back of the room where our technical director produced the live video program. Additionally, each camera feed was recorded as an isolated source. This gives us the ability to fully re-edit and repackage content for future deliverables.

The programs were streamed to YouTube and Facebook where thousands of viewers from around the globe tuned in live. Following the completion of each presentation, the recordings were made instantly available as video on-demand.

To help produce a more dynamic webcast, during presentations that used slideshows, we would sometimes supersource (aka picture-in-picture) the slides and the presentation camera side-by-side. This allowed the viewer to see the presenter and their visual content at the same time. We also created custom background graphics that incorporated the event’s logo and color scheme, which made for a cohesive visual marketing experience.

In addition to the live streams, we worked with LASA to produce a recap video of the event. We brought in a roving camera operator to capture clips of the conference’s activities and also to record on-site interviews with attendees. During the post-production process, our video editor cut this footage together with clips from the live-streamed presentations. The final product is a high-energy 2.5 minute video that showcases the multi-day event and serves to promote future LASA conferences.

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